Since the approval of the Covid-19 vaccine in December 2020 by the World Health Organization (WHO), too much information has circulated via social media about the credibility and benefits of the coronavirus vaccine (Ponge , 2012).

After the announcement of the terrible pandemic, everyone, whether medical, scientific or lay, had only one question: that of the existence or manufacture of the vaccine. The whole world, whether from the east to the west or from Africa to Asia, has been eagerly awaiting the vaccines against the coronavirus, but it seems that because of the fake news these vaccines have failed. not welcome. According to the British Collins Dictionary, the expression “fake news” since the year 2017 is defined as “false, often sensational, information disseminated under the guise of reports” Google Trends (quoted by The Conversation, 2018, p .5). Thus, fake news is information falsified, forged, manufactured or assembled from scratch. They are “journalized“, that is to say “designed to resemble information such as journalists produce it, even though the producers of fake news are, however, very critical of the media or even frankly hostile to the media. journalists ”(The Conversation, 2018, p.5)

As such, several people have provided falsified information about the Covid-19 vaccine. The fake news, we think, is usually about the side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine correlated with his fears. They are further reinforced than those caused by the pandemic. Regarding these side effects, everyone says what they think, what they hear, what they think they know. We can understand the disease, we do not know when we contract it or where and when we can be contaminated, much less if we will survive the contamination; in short, we feel powerless in the face of the disease, but the vaccine requires our will. Faced with the above, no one feels ready to take the risk of being vaccinated, resulting in certain death, hence the refusal to voluntarily take any of the vaccines; This explains the flurry of fake news from social media. The fear of the vaccine stems from the anxiety of dying after voluntarily offering yourself to an uncertain vaccine. These fake news are therefore intended to comfort each other in their position. Despite all the benefits of these vaccines, fear hovers over everyone’s faces every time the covid-19 vaccine is spoken.

These vaccines include Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, all of which have side effects, yet we know that according to fake news, the vaccine is useless since we can catch the virus. Covid-19 vaccines, like other vaccines, do not provide 100% protection against the virus. The aim of these vaccines is not to avoid catching the virus, but to prevent the development of severe forms (Ponge, 2021).

 In social media posts and various conversations, it is not uncommon to hear false information such as “covid-19 vaccine makes sterile”; “Covid-19 vaccine kills once”; “The covid-19 vaccine is a government ploy to implant a chip in us“, “the covid-19 vaccine is far from protecting” or “those responsible for the virus pretend to vaccinate it, but nobody actually does it” (Priam and Demmer, 2021).


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