From my observation and interactions with bullies online or perpetrators of Hate Speech as founder of a youth driven organization “Youth Internet Morals), reasons for engaging in hate speech online may be vastly different for different people. A teenager who bullies his class mate because he looks different, feeling of superiority or for popularity purpose, an angry citizen who insults top officials because of poor economic situations, A man or woman who insults those from another tribe or ethnicity because of an emotional problem or bad past experiences with those from that tribe, an internet user who insults another because his or her friend is an enemy to the person, an angry wife who pours out all her pain and frustration online with hateful words to her husband’s supposed mistress because she suspects he is cheating on him or caught him cheating, a jealous social media user who goes after every one who shows a happy and luxurious life style online by calling them ( ritualist, Fake, wicked), an angry celebrity who insults and down grates another celebrity because she/he was told another spoke against her or stole an idea , An always angry social media user who believes everyone must accept their views, believe and principles and won’t hesitate to post a hate comment under any post online that goes contrary to what they expect, A blogger who uses hate speech to get more views, likes or grow his popularity, politician who makes statements that marginalize a particular group of people, an angry citizen who has witness or experienced injustice and shares his discontentment with harsh and insulting words. The list is long. No matter silly we could term some reasons behind Hate Speech online, we can’t denny it has negatively affected us all. Do you think there is possibility for us to reduce the right rate of online hate Speech?

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