Impact of Online hate speech

If what you hear and see has Impact on your thoughts, feelings and how you perceive yourself, then it is important to intentionally be mindful of what you see and hear on Networking sites/ internet. Hate Speech from trolls and bullies on Networking sites have and destroyed many. Information shared on the internet which makes a particular group of persons feel inferior or less of themselves have destroy and drained them emotionally. It will be foolish to think because the person you use hate speech on doesn’t see you, your words have no effect on them. If every positive word is meant to build a human, then every negative word will destroy a human. Before you think on using Hate Speech on someone online, know your words will cause, Low self esteem: those who are bullied online will definitely start feeling less of themselves. The hate words used makes them feel worthless and this is very degerouse to thier mental health. In addition, hate Speech online can lead someone in to depression and which could further lead to suicide. Low productivity in school or at work is caused by online hate Speech. Students who experience hate speech online from their peers turn to be more anxious and afraid each time they come across their bullies online. Last but not the least, Online Hate Speech has cause lots of hate online. Permit me ask this question ” would you love someone who who uses hate speech on you and bullies you online? Those who experience hate speech online turn to develop and build hate towards those who make them feel bad. It is common to read comments such as; i don’t like A because he/ she said those who are from my tribe are dirty, illiterates and stupid. Is it possible to have an atmosphere online free from hate? Is it possible to have internet users who build up each other than destroy each other with their post and comments. Personally i think it is very possible. This change can come only form you and I.

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