If words can either build or destroy then we should be careful how we use them.

Definition of hate speech
Hate Speech as a whole is the use of words and statements intendented to cause pain, on bases of religion, sexual orientation, race, gender, ethnic origin, disability.
Online hate Speech is the use of Smart phones, tablets , laptops etc and takes place online particularly on social media. Here, hate post, comments, graphic images and videos are share and directed to a particular person or group of persons on social media platforms such as (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc). This most often stirs up arguments and conflicts later leading to insults, and the use of indecent languages and words.

Reallities of online hate speech
It should be noted that, online hate speech does not limites it’s self to the concern person or group targeted. It is very common to see a hate post or comment which was initially intended for a particular person or group being extended to family members ( children, father, mother, brothers, sisters). Hate Speech such as ” You and your entire family members and generation are prostitutes, Lazy and wicked “. With the above example, we notice the hate comment is not only directed to one person but everyone who is connected to this family in the present and past. Such hate comments will cause an unpleasant atmosphere full of hate and anger and arguments. This is a sad situation but reality of what online hate is. We have been trapped in between freedom of speech and the violation of digital Rights.
At some point in time, i am forced to think electronics such as(phones, tablets laptops etc) behind which social media users hide to express hate online have also been tools to give courage and the boldness to send messages they might not have the courage to say it if placed infront of the person or group of persons.
I will leave you with this question, is it possible to communicate and express our emotions either positive or negative without hurting others through hate Speech ?

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