Understanding our cultural differences a gate way to reduce hate speech online

There is a saying which goes thus ” the occurence of every problem has a cause” and we can’t talk about hate speech online without exposing things that push an internet or social media user to express hate online towards others. It is always important to understand the difference which exist between us humans. Such difference comes in either from our cultures, religion, dressing, language. It is important for us to understand and accept the fact that what could be good to us might not be good to someone else.what could be normal to us could be an abomination to someone else if we understand this, there will be less hate speech online. With or without our consent, we can’t denny the fact that our characters, attitudes, belief, mind set, life style are being shaped by the environment in which we grew up. Therefore a girl who grew up in the US could find it normal to put on a very short skirt and walk the streets with freedom without any fear of being judged. She could take pictures of herself with a swim suit and post on her Facebook page or Instagram page and not receive negative comments or hate speech. Can you guess what names you will be called if did same? Permit me laugh before i continue ” Hahahaha” ( badly brought up, prostitute, what are you selling, like mother like daughter). Are you shocked, please don’t be. These are just examples of comments you will get online. Hate comments can be avoided if we understand our differences in culture. The internet world is the largest community which exist. I call it “A world made up of many countries who interact with one another”. Never expect some else to look like you, think like you, behave like you because we all are different. Online Hate Speech is real and can be reduced if we understand and accept out differences in culture.

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